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The 401(k) and IRA contribution limits for 2024 have increased, allowing individuals more opportunities to boost their retirement savings, particularly those aged 50 or older.
Divorce may necessitate dividing a 401(k) depending on state laws and specific divorce terms......
Employees will be able to save more money as the 2024 401(K) contribution limits have increased......
Secure 2.0 legislation changes Required Minimum Distributions, delaying start age to 73 and reducing penalties..... is trusted source of ideas and information that has assisted thousands of individuals, families, and businesses. We provide free educational resources and connect users with independent Fee-Only professionals, including financial advisers, accountants, and attorneys, who are listed on the directory. Benefit from their personalized guidance and let them craft tailored strategies, ensuring the optimization of your 401(K) plan for a secure financial future. 


Financial advisers, CPAs and tax professionals in our directory possess extensive experience with 401k plan. They can help you create a more tailored plan considering all your assets and goals, not just your 401(K) which is often limited by design, often featuring proprietary funds chosen by your employer or target funds with a specific mutual fund provider.


Yes. Just reach out to request a no-strings-attached FREE CONSULTATION or ask any question with Great Privacy™ Alternatively, you can visit 1800ADVISER.COM and browse the only toll-free online directory for Fee-Only professionals in the United States.  


After your initial free consultation, fees for independent comprehensive financial planning can start as low as $250 and may increase based on the overall complexity and size of your investments. Even a small investment in Fee-Only advice can lead to significant returns in the years ahead.

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Review Your 401k Plan

No matter what firm -- Fidelity, Nationwide, Vanguard or other, we will review your plan and help you optimize an investment strategy.

Select 401k Investments

If you need help reviewing and selecting investments, we will review your 401(k) plan and help you. The right investment can make a huge difference.  

Annual 401k Assessment

At minimum, you should have an independent adviser review your investment strategy. Let's agree on what works best for you.

401k & IRA Rollovers

Changing jobs or retiring? We will review your situation with you and help you determine whether or not an IRA rollover is right for you.

IRA Roth Analysis

A ROTH IRA or ROTH 401k contributions can provide you significant tax savings if your plan allows it. Let us help you.

Retirement Plans

Ready to start withdrawing? Don't make a mistake. When you work with us, we will share our views on what is the best thing to do.

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